About Us

The main objectives of its works are as the following

  • To promote renewable source of electric energy.
  • To extend support service for the generation and conservation of energy.
  • To provide support to manufacturers of electric energy service , power panel , light installation of multi storied building , Industries and also the Industrial work place.
  • To facilitate leasing of electrical and necessary electrical job works equipments and also commercialize renewable resource technologies by strengthening Hazra Electric Works capacity to promote entrepreurial investments in alternate electric energy .
  • To assistance technical support services in Procurement.

Location Works

West Bengal, one of the Indian States is divided in 19 District. The Howrah District lies in the gang tic delta, the North-East part of the district is enriched with industrial growth and development while the south-west part largely depends on agrarian economy. The proposed Hazra Electric Works is located in the south-west part of the District and at a distance of about 16 km from Howrah-the District Headquarter & 20 km away from the Metropolitan city of Kolkata. To reach the works place, one has to embark a local TRAIN from Howrah Railway Station (Kharagpur Division) and get-down at Mourigram Railway Station. From Mourigram, one has to catch a local Bus or Mini Bus or Auto Rickshaw and get-down at Alampur Bus Stoppage. Hazra Electric Works is only one minutes distance by foot.


Hazra Electric Work’s mission is to stimulate, promote, support and accelerate an efficient environmentally sustainable infrastructure for effective exploitation of New and Renewable source of electric energy for productive purposes. It operates develop, promote and performance commercially viable electric energy technology in the States.

Hazra Electric works also create marketing and financing mechanisms for the sale and delivery of alternative electrical energy system based on cost recovery principles. HEW help to set-up an commercial, domestic and Institutional framework for encouraging entry of private sectors investments in Small scale Industries power generation.

Program Objectives

  • To promote support and accelerate the development of the small hydro in India by tapping the hydro potential available with the hilly/river stream irrigation dams and canal falls, small scale Industries in order to provide electric energy for the rural remote and far flung areas in a decentralized and environmentally benign manner by providing financial and technical assistance to the prospective developers.
  • To encourage the establishment of sustainable product supply, delivery after sales service and financing mechanisms to support marketing electric products on commercial scale.
  • To generate the impetus and create a favorable environment for the PV industry to establish growing and profitable business enterprises.
  • To foster the development of commercial PV system for lighting. Water supply, and other service applications in the house-hold, commercial, agricultural and light industrial sectors in electricity deficit areas.


  • Traders of Electrical Goods
  • Traders of Commercial Electronic Goods
  • All Type of Panel Board Fabrication
  • 220v & 440v AC. Motor Rewiring
  • Electrical & L.V. System Consultancy
  • Execution & Installation
  • Electrical Design, Drawing & Consultancy